Our Advantage

The MOI project is a token issued through the Smartdefi platform, which has great advantages

100% Persale

100% pre-sale means that the project owner and investors do not hold any MOLI tokens, and there is no risk of market crash.

Smartdefi platform technical support

Smartdefi is a token pre-sale platform that has undergone multiple security audits and has powerful functions such as interest on holding coins, staking income, and interest-free loans.

Marketing Advantages

In the days since the launch, the project has achieved many TOP1 results since the launch of the Smartdefi platform, including the first transaction volume, the first market value, the first Liquidity, and the first increase

About Us

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We Are TOP1

The MOLI project announced that it has completed the long-term lock-in of all 10% of the LPs held, which means that the MOLI project will become the strongest backing for the project's liquidity. MOLI became the first Smartdei project to complete 100% pre-sale of 200BNB and the first project to lock LP redemption rights for a long time. since its launch, it has achieved and maintained the top 1 results in Smartdefi platform transaction volume, market value, liquidity, and growth.

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Our Vision

Using AI technology to build the largest station cluster system